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2019 Marks Our 27th Year!

Established in 1992, we provide our clients with on-site Aircraft Appraisals of the highest quality. We specialize in business jet & turboprop aircraft, and over 40 years of multi-discipline experience in aviation assures that your appraisal needs will be treated with both competence and professionalism.

The on-site Aircraft Appraisal process requires that our in-house Accredited Senior Appraiser personally examine the subject aircraft and its logbooks. While this may sound obvious, some will suggest that an equally credible appraisal can be produced with the appraiser never actually seeing the subject aircraft. We firmly disagree. Our appraisal methods are USPAP compliant and our detailed reports will withstand the scrutiny of the courtroom or a financial audit.

Based in Atlanta, Georgia, we offer rapid, on-site, worldwide service. Call us today. We are probably just one airline leg and a few hours away from you and your aircraft.